Edge Studios confirms acquisition of RPG assets from FFG

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Edge Studios confirms acquisition of RPG assets from FFG

After what seems like an eternity, Edge Studios confirmed in a Twitter thread that the transfer of rights to publish the Star Wars RPG (including Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force & Destiny) has gone through! No official announcements have been made regarding new content, or even reprints, but this can only be seen as progress. For us optimists, at least.


UPDATE via edge-studio.net

“We are really excited with the opportunity of working on one of the most beloved IP in the world,” Gilles Garnier, the head of Edge Studio, said. “We want to follow in the footsteps of FFG’s fantastic work over the years, while bringing our own vision of what a Star Wars™ RPG should be.” 

Edge will be exploring some of the many eras of Star Wars, revisiting old classics while venturing into the exciting new frontiers of this setting. The studio looks forward to building on the legacy begun with Fantasy Flight games, who launched the wildly successful Star Wars roleplaying game Edge of the Empire.  Sam Gregor-Stewart, the former lead developer on Edge of the Empire and now the RPG Manager for Edge Studios, said that he is looking forward to revisiting the Star Wars™ galaxy. 

Star Wars has always been one of my favorite settings, ever since I was a kid,” Sam said. “I loved my time working on the game lines Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny. Now, with Edge, I’m really thrilled to have a chance to try something new! I hope we can create something fresh for our fans, while at the same time creating something that is going to awaken the same passion for Star Wars™ in a new generation that I felt growing up.” 

With the licensing deal reached, Edge is also working to ensure reprints of existing Star Wars™ Roleplaying products will be available to fans around the world. For more information on reprints and for other news on upcoming Star Wars™ products, be sure to follow Edge Studio on social media and on their website, as the website is expanded and enhanced in the coming months. 

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